01. What are the basic roles\rights of this society ?

Ans: Our role is to provide the site for all Associates.

How this society will help us to get our dream site at MICO GARDEN CITY ?

Ans: Provide very well planed layout (site).

03. What is the advantage of getting membership to society?

Ans: Will get subsidy rate sites.

04. Is this site available for non-Boschlers also ?

Ans: Yes, Very much.

05. Can I have a look at the site location ?

Ans: Yes, absolutely.

06. Do I have rights to select the site(corner\main road\...) which I wish for ?

Ans: NO. All corner sites will be action basis on all member and associate members.

07. On what basis the site allotment is done ?What are the basic roles\rights of this society ?

Ans: First come first serve.

08. Can society members can get loan to purchase the site ?

Ans: Under demission with the Bank authorities.

09. Before getting into the business, can we get the copy of the land details ?

Ans: NO. Please you our legal consultant for any such information.

10. At what stage the site allotment is done ?

Ans: After completion of layout development work (15 to 18 months)

11. Whom we can contact for legal issues\clarifications ?

Ans: He is our society legal (Mr. Harsha Pro legal) consultant

12. Currently under whose name the land is registered with ?

Ans: At Present land is owners, after conversion of the land register to the society

13. By when we can expect the MICO GARGEN CITY project will be completed ?

Ans: December 2014

14. By paying the specified amount will we get all the approvals from water\sanitary board, electricity board and other govt boards which are required for constructing the our houses ?

Ans: Yes.

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